Potassium Sealed Electrode

Product information
Code FU-ENPOT-A008
EAN 8595179507891
Potassium Sealed Electrode

This Potassium Electrode is a PermaFil (non-refillable) Ion-selective electrode, with a sealed, gel-filled reference chamber. No reference fill solution is required. The electrode is used to conduct water quality studies by measuring Potassium ions found in aqueous solutions.

The Potassium Electrode Set (AC008A) consists of PermaFil combination electrode (AC008) (this combines the Ion-selective electrode and the reference electrode) and Fourier’s ISE amplifier (AC021).

Some of the main areas in which Ionselective electrodes have been used include water quality studies, determining
the concentration of ammonium ions in aqueous solutions, pollution monitoring and agriculture & food processing.

Field of science: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental science