Electrostatic charge

Product information
Code FU-ENCRG261
EAN 8595179508768
Electrostatic charge

This is a dual range, all purpose Electrostatic Charge Sensor that can be used in many electrostatic experiments. Among this sensor’s advantages are that it is not affected by humidity and can perform quantitative measurements and indication of charge polarity. The Electrostatic Charge Sensor is housed inside Fourier’s plastic sensor case and is equipped with a zero button and range switch. In most cases, it will replace the traditional electroscope.

Typical experiments with the Electrostatic Charge Sensor include measuring the charge produced by friction, the charge by induction and investigating conductive and isolating materials and wave patterns changes, quantifying the charge on a capacitor plate as well as exploring the relationship between the charge and the voltage drop across a parallel plate capacitor.

Field of science: Physics